October 30, 2014

that time we were a triathlon

in a fit of nostalgia and holiday spirit, i just remembered this picture.  sophomore year, east hall, before any of us drank, when painting your fingernails black was the thing to do, our dorm had a halloween party in the creepy ass basement with a costume contest.  so we dressed up as a triathlon, and we won. (competition was decidedly not fierce.  and we may have only won in one of the categories.  regardless, we won.)

i don't remember why we decided to be a triathlon.  none of us really swam biked or ran very often.  we borrowed 90% of the gear that wasn't tshirts from a guy in my spanish class (thanks, tyler!).  but that's what we did, and it remains one of my favorite halloween costume to this day.  what were you in 2010?  a triathlon!  duh.

VERY IMPORTANT POSTSCRIPT: i was about to hit post and then i was like hang on a sec... isn't there another picture and there IS and it's even BETTER!!

the cool kids, in all our nerd dorm glory.  you're welcome.