October 16, 2014

this is a boring post

last night was the first night i've had in forever when i didn't have any plans.  i kind of didn't know what to do with myself.  plus i was exhausted.  it was pretty boring.

bixby and i went to a new dog park.  we usually go to one near a semi-ritzy neighborhood, so all the fences are green and the benches match and there's a picnic table and this fancy water fountain for dogs and you've got your mulch section and your tree section and your grass section.  the other dog park, the one we went to yesterday, was plain old chain link and the sections were: grass, dirt, swamp.  and all the dogs were less refined looking (??) if that makes any sense at all.  at first bixby was all "moooom this is weeeeird" but he got over that fairly quickly and then he did his awkward thing where he hangs out on the edge of the group and goes "bowowowow."  my dog actually says bow wow!  it's not as cute as you'd think.

then i figured i should probably hit up verizon and get my phone replaced since i smashed it up pretty good and the home button stopped working so i went there and like every experience ever in the verizon store, it was slow and boring and then i got home and the transfer hadn't worked.  thanks a lot, david the verizon store guy.  i will be visiting you again tonight.  please know that it is against my will and yes i know i have a lot of stuff on my phone, sorry?  (i'm not sorry.)

oh, and i hit up barnes & noble and bought wild.  which i will read once i've finished game of thrones el tres.  i think i might hate camping but i desperately don't want to hate camping so i just read books about it and look at pretty pictures (omg this blog) and get all stoked about camping and then i go do it and i'm like "i want to change my pants but i can't stand up."

and that's what happens on nights when i don't have plans.  so now you know.