October 29, 2014

being deliberate

last night was a nice, deliberate, responsible evening.  it was a don't you dare make plans.  it was a candy crush is against the rules.  bix and i hit up the dog park for a while.  the atmosphere there can be so funny, one of the other girls who i see a lot and i talked about it, how sometimes the dog park can just be plain awkward.  the dogs aren't interested in each other and the people are kind of tense and it's kind of boring and mostly weird.  last night wasn't like that.  there were a BUNCH of dogs, and they all liked to run, and bixby did his (slash my, to be perfectly honest) weird thing where he doesn't know how to be part of the group until he figured it out all of a sudden and like five dogs chased him around the park until he was totally pooped.

then i went for a real actual run!  where i didn't give up in the middle and didn't even take one single bitty break i wasn't required to by traffic laws (i'm really strict about jaywalking).  i was going to run a flat twenty minutes but when the twenty minutes was up i was alllllmost home and it was all downhill the rest of the way so i just toughed it out an extra minute or so to make it a nice even two miler.  when i swapped out my old smashed up phone for a new one, most of my music got lost (how does that always happen?) so when i'd tried to run it was with those spotify "run five miles in fifty minutes!" type stations and they weren't doing it for me cause it wasn't my running playlist so yesterday i fixed that and honestly it just felt so good.

so when i got home i had to recuperate for a while so i made beans and rice and - get this - while it was cooking i cleaned the kitchen!  bingo!  and now my fridge is kind of sad and empty but really clean and doesn't have any old zucchini in it anymore.  after dinner bixby got a bath, which is neither of our favorite things, but now he smells like cucumber melon (i was at the pet store and naturally got caught up talking to a seven year old named skyler who had an incredibly pregnant mother who was probably glad to have a second of quiet while she checked out the dog treat options.  anyway, skyler and i smelled basically every single kind of dog shampoo they had and that was the one she recommended.  so now i have a dog that smells like gum for a few days every week or two.)

after bixby's bath i got all my stuff up out of the living room and ran a couple loads of laundry and swept cause WHOA dog hair and dirt, man.  and then i remembered that the reason i reeeeally didn't want to shower was because i'd already showered that morning, and who wants to shower twice a day (it's no one.  well, not me anyway).  but i dragged myself in there anyway instead of saying i'd just do it in the morning and i really think i might have drowned eloise the shower spider during bix's bath but i really hope not because even though she doesn't eat as many bugs as francisco (the other shower spider), she's done a really good job assisting with ant population control, and she's pretty.

one of my new years resolutions was to be more deliberate.  it was the most important one, and it's also one i've done kind of a lousy job with.  i'm so gogogo all the time that i struggle with making the right choice instead of the fun choice, or even the right choice instead of the easy choice.  and last night was better!  and now i can go home today to my clean dog and clean(er) house with my stronger legs and feel proud of what i've done.  next stop: get my daggum halloween costume together!