October 13, 2014


somehow it felt shorter than other times i've been, even though i was there longer.  actually, i've never been the whole time like i was this year - got there thursday and slept in my tent every single night, through the rain and birds and morning communion and fire circle and everything.  there was dancing, but not as much dancing, there were late nights but they weren't as late.  i dunno what i was doing really.  i forgot to eat dinner on saturday until nine o'clock and even then i shared it with someone and didn't even finish and wound up leaving on the picnic table to go listen to someone else play.

i made so many little connections with people.  we've camped next to the same people the last three times, but this was the first year we really talked.  and they're sweet!  and the girl i've known for nine years or something - we bonded, we actually fell asleep during this jam session, someone had hauled a couch out to their campsite and we fell asleep on either end of it (jam sessions are great).  and then this guy from high school that i'd never really talked to - such a sweet dude!  and the guy from the massage tent!  that girl that was training her puppy to be a service dog!  and the guy that led the meditation session (and his girlfriend too)!  that guy that bought me a beer!  the girl i sat with for an hour on a blanket and talked about boys with!  not to sound too hippie-dippie, but shakori is a nice place because everyone's so happy and open and willing/wanting to make friends and form bonds and YEAH let's do this and see them and go here and happy shakori happy shakori happy shakori.

(the first time anyone said happy shakori to me was bobby, and he was eating an apple, and i'd never heard it before, and it was such a perfect little bubbly moment.  so that's what i remember whenever someone says it to me.)

happy shakori, y'all.