October 1, 2014

fall capsule

here it comes: the enthralling post about exactly what clothes i'll be wearing (outside work, dog walking, exercise, and super fancy hours) for the next two months, because north carolina is bipolar weather-wise and i didn't want to commit to any longer than that.  can't promise i won't get bored, but i'm going to do my best to live out this style experiment until the end of november.

without further ado, here's the lineup.

i am a tights and dresses kind of girl.  i've known that, and figuring out my capsule only cemented this fact.  tights and dresses and boots (and possibly a headband à la blair waldorf for good measure). so these are the first four of seven.

1) striped dress from anthropologie.  it's thicker than i like for summer, but oh man it looks good with tights and boots.  so good.
2) floral dress from target.  this is the only dress i included that has long sleeves, so obviously it's a winter dress, even though the material is thin.
3) aztec dress from charming charlie.  i think i shrunk this in the wash, in the length direction and not the width direction, but i realized just today that i can wear it with tights and have it be perfectly acceptable.
4) black twirly dress from nordstrom.  it twirls a lot.  that's all.

the white-ish dress collection; or, even more things to wear with tights.

5) white jersey dress from banana republic.  this is great with maroon tights and brown boots and a brown belt.  it can also be tied up into a pretend shirt, double duty.
6) pink lace dress from the loft.  i wear this all the time.  all the time.
7) white lace dress from nordstrom.  this dress seems redundant next to the pink one, but i also really love it, and i had one of those "this outfit is so ME!" moments wearing it, so in it stays.

eesh this one came out extra blurry.  welcome to the tshirt section!  they are very neutral.  but none of them are black!

8) maps tshirt from jcpenney.  specifically the young men's section.  this was bought on somewhat of a whim, but it looks pretty dang good with my black skinny jeans.  we'll see.
9) tan tshirt from target.  chosen because it's hecka soft and goes with just about everything.
10) white tshirt from target.  it will be a lifesaver, this one.
11) best friends tshirt from etsy.  this one just says friends, sarah's says best, but i wear it all the time, even when she's not with me to make the joke.  it's the softest shirt.

these are all my loose flowy shirts that are made out of weird thin material.

12) black shirt from nordstrom rack.  this one's suuuuper basic but i anticipate wearing it with jeans and scarves a lot.
13) aztec shirt from stitch fix.  love the pattern a lot lot lot.  this one gets a lot of wear already.
14) black and white shirt from tj maxx.  not sure if i've gotten tired of this one or not.  it didn't get a ton of use over the summer, but maybe that's just cause it looks best with jeans.  i dunno.

all the long sleeves!

15) blue flannel from american eagle.  staple to wear in the fall.  gotta show my appalachian roots somewhere, ya know?
16) tan cardigan from nordstrom rack.  i wear cardigans all. the. time. at work but in normal life i can't quite wrap my head around them.  i don't know why that is.  but here's the one i anticipate wearing this fall.
17) striped shirt from jcrew.  this may not be a wise choice.  it only really looks good with one particular scarf.  we will see how the cookie crumbles.
18) navy sweater from talbots.  yes, i'm probably the only person under 40 (50?) that shops there.  but man oh man, this sweater.  i was way into a book called adorable sunday when i was younger and the main character wore a navy sweater with white flecks in it and that's what i thought of when i tried this sweater on and didn't take it off forever.  so sweet, so snuggly.

this is basically the same skirt three times over.  what can i say, it works for me.

19) blue skirt from talbots.  i know, again.  hush.
20) gold skirt from madewell.  this is something i wear on rainy days when i want to brighten up the day a little.  it makes me happy.
21) striped navy skirt from banana republic.  my friend made fun of me when i got this because it matches exactly the cartoon june girl in a calendar we both have.  i like june, okay?

all the pants!

22) skinny jeans from target, denizen brand.  these were the first skinny jeans i found that i legit loved.  the only skinny jeans?  possibly.
23) destroyed jeans from abercrombie and fitch.  these are a staple in my non-summer wardrobe and i just couldn't leave them out.
24) ankle jeans from lucky.  i always fold these up so they're capri length, but i don't know if that's cool anymore.  looks better than how stumpy ankle jeans make my legs look in my opinion.
25) black jeans from talbots.  last one, i promise!  these are...what they sound like.  they're skinny but not WAY skinny.  i like em.
26) white shorts from express.  like i said, it's unpredictable here, and the forecast is promising us a few more 80-degree days.  here's hoping.

the boots!  boots are my jam.

27) fold over boots from fabrik.  these were underutilized last year.  the problem is that they look better with jeans than with tights.  i'll have to fix that this year because they're really actually cute.
28) tall brown boots from fabrik.  i wear these all the time.  all the all the time.
29) black boots from cole haan.  recent hand-me-downs.  black boots are an annual struggle for me - how do you get ones that don't look like they're trying to be badass?  but i think these will do very, very nicely.
30) low brown boots from forever 21.  these are kind of the backup to the tall brown boots.  they're grayer, so they go with the cooler-colored things better.

home stretch!  these are my sneakers.  oh, i love sneakers.  i don't love ballet flats, i don't love heels, i love boots and i love sneakers.  clearly.

31) nikes from rumors.  rumors is this cool edgy boutique that opened up downtown maybe a year ago.  they have an instagram that they post their clothes and shoes on sometimes, and as soon as i saw these, i drove straight over and snagged them.  they match approximately nothing, but i love them.
32) converse high tops, of course.
33) converse low tops, because double of course.  i've never had white ones before, and i adore them.
34) inkkas in blackbird.  really love these guys.

i'm waiting for a couple things to come in via the mailman, but this is basically it.  see ya in december, all my other clothes!

postscript: i don't have a particular theme when it comes to where i buy clothes.  they're all in the cheapish to middling range generally, but it's not like i got half my wardrobe from one place.  this capsule includes six pieces from target and three from talbots (i'm sorry) and one or two items from twenty-two other stores.  that's not actually interesting, but i kind of think it's interesting.

end postscript.