October 17, 2014

last night i broke out a sweater.  it's new, and it's navy with flecks of white on the torso and stripes on the sleeves, and it is cozy as all get out.  i wore that and a wintery scarf and jeans with boots and i was happy that it is fall.

we had our drinks, and when we were finished and when bixby started to get restless, the three of us walked up franklin street and through campus, and it looked like this:


all quiet and empty (the students are home for fall break).  the air was cool and crisp and it felt good to walk down the brick walkways with no one else around.  like we had the world to ourselves.  like everything but us had stilled.  do you remember the part in bridge to terabithia?  the sacred place?  we were walking through the sacred pine forest they found, and the light reflected between us.