October 9, 2014


so shakori starts tonight.  shakori!  finally!!  i'm so excited, i've been so excited for so long, i bought a tent tuesday and practiced setting it up in my living room, ordered flash tats (they are gonna be so. rad.), packed up my twirly dresses, all i need is some rum and pb&j and i am good to go.  i always have the most wonderful time, which often means i completely forget to take pictures and/or my phone has died because that's how shakori goes, so i just have the mud and faded face paint and sleep deprivation and music humming in my head and muscles that remember all the dancing, all the twirling, all the dipping i did.  oh shakori.

bummer part: leaving this dude behind.  honestly, half the time lately he's been driving me up a wall, so it's probably for the best that we have a few days to remember how great the other one is (AHEM BIX, I'M GREAT, PLEASE STOP PULLING ON YOUR LEASH AND BARKING AT THE NEIGHBORS).  it's not as hard leaving him as it was the first time around - because this time i can pretend that he might know i'm coming back, plus i'm really excited to see the happy look on his little doggy face when he sees me again.

but for now let's focus on this: