October 24, 2014

an adventure

last night i powered through the last hundred and so pages of wild and it got me all jazzed up for backpacking.  when ryan and i went camping last weekend, we hiking the tiniest portion of the mountains-to-sea trail, and the whole time we were on it, i was thinking "i could do this, i could do all of this," so every time i got to the end of the chapter, i'd pick up my phone and research the mst and backpacking with dogs (cause obviously bixby would come) and what have you.  when i put the book down for good, i had to get out the big guns so i lugged my laptop into bed and followed the length of the trail using the interactive map on the friends of the mst website, picturing the mountains falling into the piedmont spreading out to the coast.  can you imagine?

we'd start next july, i think, put all my belongings in storage when my lease runs up and hitch a ride (from sarah or someone, not literally hitchhiking yikes) to clingman's dome and bix and i would start walking up and down the mountains.  and it'd be july so i'd need what, shorts, a tshirt, a raincoat?  my new boots <3 and food.  i've talked a big game about hiking the appalachian trail - wanting to, planning it, never doing it, but even though the mst is about half the length, it seems so much more manageable.  at the very farthest, i'd be a five-hour drive from home.  it'd be so easy to find a cafe, charge my phone, meet up with a friend who could hike for a while with me (and maybe bring me more dehydrated food).  it's been a while since i've DONE something - learned to scuba dive, sailed the mediterranean, those big shiny things that make you feel more interesting.  i've been living in the normal adult world for a while, and i'm ready to have an adventure.