October 23, 2014

spontaneity (or, being spontaneous or, the last bison)

yesterday after work i got on instagram and the last bison had posted a picture saying they were playing in durham and of course i love the last bison and sarah also loves the last bison so i texted her at 5:32 and sometimes things just come together because she was all for it.

so we went!  they put on such a good show, they always put on such a good show.  their music is - gypsy folk rock alternative?  it's wonderful.  when the lead singer plays the drums you can feel it all through you, in your heart and your stomach and even the hairs on your arms.  the fiddler is the happiest person on the planet.  the percussionist sometimes plays goat hooves.  i've gotten to see especially the younger boys grow up - i've been following the band for the past couple of years and when you go from 17 to 19 you look different, and it's just neat to be able to see that.  plus they're all connected - siblings and wives and fathers and friends in this happy-heavy-wild gypsy band.  and!!  i found a boy to dance with.  i'm not shy asking about that anymore, and it's okay when they say no, but it's best to find a group of guys and ask which one of them can dance because there's a decent chance one of them knows what they're doing.  so i did that, and one of them said yes, and we danced to one of their slower songs.  he knew how to shag so we made wide circles behind the crowd, swaying and spinning.  and then i went back to sarah and we danced too, jumped and clapped and sang when we knew the words.  live music like that catches me up in a way that nothing else can, and i spent the whole concert just shining smiling.  such a good night.

ps i used to never be able to remember their name, and i always wanted to call them the lost buffalo, teehee