November 2, 2014

goodbyyyyyye october, helloooooo november

this weekend!  this weekend was as near perfect as things can pretty much get.  opening with halloween was wonderful, obviously, it's my favorite holiday, and we got to dress up in costume at work which was the bee's knees.  the sarahs had a party, and of course i went (with bix as batdog!), but i drove home early so i could head out to franklin street.  it was kind of a piecey evening, i was by myself for a while, until i met up with kaitlin and her sister, and then we found neighbor joe and his friends, then we went to a frat house, which wasn't my favorite thing, so i left and met up with mike and co at topo, and when the bars closed i walked back to the neighbors house and we got some good kitchen floor time in.

the really nice thing about going out on friday night is that somehow it makes the rest of the weekend seem so much longer, so all saturday i thought it was sunday, and the feeling every time i realized it wasn't was the best.  bixby and i went to duke forest (for real this time) and he LOVED it.  we made a pit stop at phydeaux to get a retractable leash, and thank goodness, because he was a million times easier to handle when he could explore a little more.  and he went in the water and acted like an enormous goof, freaking out about being so dang happy.  i felt like a lunatic because i was laughing so much at him in the middle of the woods by myself, but he would run! in the water and run! back out and do his bowowowow bark and then he'd dig! and run! in the water some more.

afterwards i drove back out to raleigh to have some quality netflix time with sarah (and other sarah briefly too).  we watched anastasia (it's weirder than you remember) and hart of dixie (so bad, but in that guilty pleasure kind of way) and ordered papa john's and ate popsicles and talked about boys and all the other stuff you're supposed to do on a lazy saturday night on the couch with your bestie.  it was fantastic.

and now it's actually sunday, and i do have work tomorrow, but the good news is that it's daylight savings time so the hour that's making me so sleepy at 8:13 will trick me into thinking it's 7:40 when i wake up tomorrow.  i'm about to end the weekend by snuggling up in my bed with a storm of swords or possibly brooklyn nine-nine and that sweet puppy dog.  adieu, all.