November 20, 2014

motown & cleaning (cleaning & motown)

few things bring me back to college like putting on a motown pandora station and cleaning the house.  when all of us were home at the same time and we got the urge, we'd dance around and scrub the kitchen floors and put our clothes away and it felt more like a party than a chore.  when we were done the house would be clean and then we'd probably watch golden girls and eat cookie dough straight from the tub.  fact: you are 75% more productive when "ain't no mountain high enough" is playing.

bixby is significantly less helpful when it comes to cleaning because he follows me around and tries to bite the broom and hides from the vacuum cleaner, but then i found him like this, exhausted from all his hard work, and my heart just melted.

is he the cutest or what??