November 21, 2014

capsule assessment

totally unrelated to wardrobe choices, but i think of this every time i hear/say the word assessment.  could ya learn to love me?  no, old gregg, i couldn't.

moving on.

so i heard about this whole wardrobe capsule thing and then i researched it and planned it and put it into action and then realized it wasn't super relevant to my life.  yes, i hid a bunch of my clothes so technically i'm following my rules, but i'm just not really fashionable.  i appreciate cute clothes and i like when i put those clothes together and get a cute outfit, but i'm not going to put any kind of effort into how i look when i'm going to the dog park.  and i do a lot of activities with required types of clothing (think tights and a leotard, or running shorts, or a tshirt that can get covered in clay - nothing i would put in my capsule but everything i actually wear), and i'm not inclined to put on a capsule outfit when i'm done if i'm not planning on doing anything else that evening. so the times i actually use my capsule clothes are few and far between because i'm more inclined to throw on sweatpants and a tshirt when i'm just hanging out.

all that is to say, the capsule idea is way cool, but my lifestyle is more about a wardrobe that prioritizes comfortable/practical over polished.  i just didn't want to make the first post and not follow it up with any kind of second post and have everyone think i'm a quitter.

mostly i just wanted an excuse to put old gregg on my blog.