November 24, 2014

other photos from this weekend

saturday was 100% gorgeous, so i took bix down to duke forest.  shady parts of the creek were covered in ice, but he went in after the sticks i threw for him anyways.  i found a mossy rock and sat down, fully intending to make a decent dent in a storm of swords but i only made it through a chapter before i realized i absolutely needed to take a nap right then.  so we packed up and headed out and took the loveliest nap.

PLUS i managed to dedicate a solid few hours to the pottery studio.  one of the mugs lost its handle, and a good chunk of its side too, but i put a couple things on the shelf to be bisque fired so overall i'd say it was a productive afternoon.

not pictured: pittsboro dinner with dad, episodes of chopped with mike (and zeldie!), big hero 6 with jessi, which was freaking adorable.

also this:
which is something i think people forget a lot?  gloria is so often portrayed as the bimbo that it's easy to forget she's not speaking in her native language, and we would sound at least as dumb trying to speak in a foreign language.  perspective, etc.  i'm glad the show finally addressed this because we really don't know how smart she is in spanish.  so, thanks modern family.