November 8, 2014

falls lake hike

today was a nine-mile out and back hike on the mountains to sea trail to see some haunted houses.  there were fourteen of us and i didn't know a soul when we started walking, but everyone was so sweet and talkative and it was such a good time of bonding in nature.  the woods were so beautiful, i always like being outdoors but something about these particular woods was extra special.  the sunshine and the leaves and the way everything dappled and the air was so crisp.  and i got to think about being on the trail next summer, hiking it for real for real, with a pack on my back and bixby's leash in my hand, hiking that section with a friend maybe since it'll be so close to home, that one four and a half mile bit of the mst.  it felt solidified and tangible and 100% yes, go, do, this is the time in your life when you adventure, and by golly i'm going to do it.

kisses from derpville :)