November 6, 2014

chaco chacos!

six years too late, i finally caved and bought my very first pair of chacos.  ordered them actually, they'll be on their two-day shipping way shortly, because none of the chacos i saw anywhere were as beautiful as these:

shoutout to caleb, the cute rei sales dude with green pants who sang the hefty hefty hefty hefty song unprompted and patiently adjusted three pairs of chacos for me, knowing full well i wasn't going to buy any there.  i wanted unaweeps, and they only sold yampas, and unaweeps are the things to buy for heavy duty hiking.  or at least, as heavy duty as you can get in sandals.  and i'm going to need heavy duty if i'm going to be hiking the mountain to sea trail in july.  and i'm going to be hiking it - at least parts of it - in my bright. pink. and blue. chacos.  eeeep!