November 3, 2014

on heat

i've never had to account for having a gas heater before, so i didn't do anything about getting the gas turned on until yesterday, when my thermostat read approximately 52 and i was wearing my leopard onesie with the feet AND a gigantic sweatshirt.  since it was sunday, they couldn't send anyone out, so i had to settle for taking an incredibly hot shower (my hands felt like they do when you play in the snow too long and then go inside and wash them and the water hurts) and enthusiastically cleaning the whole house and getting into bed with my sherpa blanket on top of my comforter and bixby curled up next to me for body warmth.  but the furnace guy came out today and turned everything on and waved a magazine at the smoke alarm when it started beeping and made fun of me because it was warmer outside than it was inside but none of that matters because my house is going to be cozy warm for the rest of this awful cold season.

adulting is tricky business, guys.  get your heat turned on before november.