May 28, 2015

not 2%... not whole...

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skimm'd while on hold with capital one FOR.EV.ER.  (send me my new card, dammit)  (also go bernie sanders)

so i am not the most news-savvy person out there.  my mom didn't like having the news on in the house when i was a kid - too depressing - and the only section of the newspaper our family fought over was the funnies (i mean, duh).  but now that i'm a real live adult out in the real live world, i try to stay in touch with what's going on.  for a while i was relying exclusively on the facebook news sidebar for stories, but that honestly focuses a little too much on celebrities, missing children, and attention-grabbing headlines for me to feel like i'm actually being a responsible citizen of the united states and of the world.

enter skimm.  i'm not suddenly brilliant, i still don't entirely grasp what's going on in china or with isis or whether i like what obama's been up to.  but i'm a little more informed.  i get an email every weekday that i can read through while i settle into work.  it's interesting, it's easy to read, it doesn't overwhelm, and they have handy guides about some of the more complex topics (hellooooo middle east).  not to mention i kind of want to be bff with the writers.  if this sounds like something that'd be up your alley, you can sign up right here.  10/10, do recommend.