May 6, 2015

weekend happenings

hi guys, and happy wednesday!  it's payday!

so it's getting to be that time of year when weekends are great and exciting and there's always something to do, and this weekend was one of them.  friday night kaitlin and i went out for the first time in  it was her friend's birthday, so we went to his house and i learned how to play slapcup, which, by the way, is extraordinarily satisfying.  we did goodfellows, because what else do we do, and it was awesome because i didn't pay for any drinks but still managed to get nice and buzzy without feeling sick the next day.  and also cookies!  win-win-win-win!

saturday i slept like a log.  and then i woke up and went and saw home with jessi, which was absolutely adorable and i highly recommend it and also rihanna??

and then - derby!
any excuse to wear my chacha dress and a big ass hat, amirite?  and there's vinny with the winning photobomb - hi vinny!
this is why we can't have nice things.

and then it was sunday and i got my childcare shift switched and rachel and i bopped out to the BEACH for the day!  she's from nebraska, where they don't have beaches, and now that she lives in north carolina, there's one like two hours away and i forget this but she doesn't and it's the best thing ever.  so hello beach!!  we did wrightsville, which is arguably one of the best ones north carolina has to offer, and it couldn't have been more perfect.  cloudless skies, clear water, can't lose.

added bonus - cinco de mayo!  i don't know if you're sensing a friend theme here or what... but a few of us have decided to make a dedicated effort in, you know, hanging out, so we got together last night for margaritas and bean dip (REVOLUTIONARY) in honor of the great mexican holiday and also ladies.

also - aren't emerson levi and harbor grace the sweetest little baby names?