May 12, 2015

quietly, so i don't jinx it:
(we may have found a groove)

you know?  he has his moments, and i do too, but it just seems like bixby has been trying SO HARD lately.  he's attentive and sweet and still barks like a mad man at other dogs but for the most part really wants to be good.  yesterday morning he dug up a snake but didn't realize it, the oblivious dude.  it was just a little brown snake that got scooped up and put in the woods, but one minute he was digging and the next this snake flew through the air.

this weekend was pretty top notch, to be honest.  the picture is from friday, when sarah and i ate melty locopops and went to the carolina inn for free outdoor music.  happy summer!  happy happy summer!  saturday chris and i ran a 5k ("ran" in my case, there was some walking involved) and went to nordstrom rack and generally had a good old saturday morning-y time.  then zip zap zop back to cary for me for graduation lunch with kaitlin's family, who are just the sweetest people.  i specifically want to be her grandmother when i grow up, who made a "well he's not going STRAIGHT to grad school" joke about one of kaitlin's gay roommates and did some hardcore west coast exploring on her own, complete with tent camping and a singing gig on an alaskan cruise ship??  or something.  that night i was going to go to a party but i would have had to go BACK to dumb old cary for the third time in one day, and i said no thanks, and kaitlin and i did our usual franklin street thing followed by a wall sit competition and pupusas from a taco truck.  sunday involved a butt ton of sleeping followed by a really lovely afternoon with sandwiches at tru, a fantastic shoe find ($20 emerald-and-gold new balances, please & thank you), ex machina and popcorn, and planning this weekend's backpacking trip - shenandoah valley here we come!!  it was a great great great time and if every weekend could be that happy-busy-cozy i'd be one happy camper.