May 22, 2015

live irl

chapel hill's graffiti artists are sweet.

other gems:
fight wars not war
boobs nah dude
i solemnly swear i am up to no good
dead men don't catcall
and a clever little anti-friend-zone-concept rant about how women are not machines men can put kindness coins into until sex comes out
(sorry for the phrase "sex comes out")

AND the town of chapel hill actually does this really cute thing where they plant seeds in the shape of words like "grow" and "look up" etc and then the words come out of the earth all leafy and green.

ps i recognize the irony of this being posted online (in multiple places now, hi instagram) but i found it after bix and i had spent an hour or so in the botanical gardens on unc's campus, me in my new hammock with gone girl, him in the dirt with a stick.