May 1, 2015

more links!

cabin porn.  ya dig?

dudes complimenting dudes is funny but also kinda super sad at the same time.  guys should feel able to honestly say kind things to each other.

i just wanna be best friends with mallory ortberg, except she's way too cool and funny for me.

when i was young i got super into this YA british author, anne fine, and in particular one of her books called the tulip touch.  i have no idea how many times i read that book but it was a lot, sympathizing always with tulip's best friend, the victim character, and this article on women stealing from each other sparked the same part of my brain.  i've never been stolen from (that i noticed or remember) but this idea that women can and do steal each other's self-esteem is something i've absolutely witnessed, experienced, and - yes - done.  and it's not okay, and i love that this article addresses it head on, not to mention it's beautifully written.

moving on - a different kind of subway map.  to revisit next time i go to new york.

beautiful, beautiful look on aging.

these mri scans are cool as hell.

i died laughing, a lot.  TWAS I!