April 29, 2015


i have great news.

i ran the equivalent of a 5k.

3.16 miles actually.  i did it in 32 minutes.

i'm a cheater though, kind of, because i don't cross against lights and i always have to stop and say hi real quick to kevin the jiffy lube guy and i let bixby use the bathroom once. 

so not 3.16 miles in one go.  not 32 minutes all at once.

but still - this is huge for me.  this is the most i've been able to run... ever?  and with a 10:07 pace, i'm pretty proud of myself.

here's the running plan i've been using, cobbled together by yours truly from various running websites and knowledge about what my body can and cannot do.  i find i can handle minutes better than mileage, with little bitty 2-3 minute increases each time.  and i like to go fast, and i like to take breaks, which is what the interval runs are for.
hasta la vista from these two runners: