April 13, 2015

things & stuff

last night i brought bix to a friend's house.  it was almost fine - he and bella got along swimmingly, complete with a spiderman kiss moment (PRESH) (i later figured out that bella's head smelled like treats) but he was not on his best behavior, so he went home, and i went back, and we finished watching this movie called tracks about a girl who walks across australia with some camels and her dog.  obviously, i thought she was The Coolest, and there was this line: "i believe, when you've been stuck too long in one spot, it's best to throw a grenade where you're standing and jump, and pray" which yes yes yes.  so that was good.
trail update: i found this rad little website where you can search for different trails and find entries from people who have hiked the trails.  i signed up obviously, and there's going to be a whole lot of overlap between this blog and that one, particularly once i get on the trail and my whole life is the MST, but if you wanna check out words exclusively about hiking by yours truly, feel free to hop on over to my trail journal.
also danielle was here this weekend!  this post is very disjointed, but she and sarah and i went to relish in raleigh friday, the mda walk saturday (all three of us got pretty sunburned, hellooooo summer sunshine!), southern village for an outdoor concert, redbud for picnic dinner, sarah's house for into the woods, and jubala sunday morning for pretzel-waffles (chocolate chip for danielle, apple cinnamon for sarah, and coconut for me, please and thank you!).  i rounded out the weekend with yoga and a nap and a half assed run, and then, back to the beginning, some rascal dog time and tracks.
el fin.