April 20, 2015

oh, shakori.

i went to shakori this past weekend, like i've done so many times over the past few years, knowing it would be my last one for a while.  it was wonderful.  the sun and the mud and the music made their appearances, and i basked in all of it.  it was maybe my laziest shakori to date - i spent about half my time there in a hammock (guys, i'm sold.  i need an eno stat.) and fell asleep by 11:00 each night, cinderella style, except instead of turning into a pumpkin i turned comatose and had to be walked to my tent because my eyes would not stay open.  but i saw holy ghost, and dr. bacon, and big fat gap and bombadil and ancient cities and big mean sound machine.  i ate curry with rice and samosas from the indian place like i do every year and mexican corn on the cob from the new food booth for the first time.  i met so many wonderful new people (hello cat hat!  hello chicken!  hello jonah!) and saw so many people i love who i rarely see outside of shakori.  it was a beautiful way to spend the weekend, and i am so grateful that a magical little place like shakori exists.

my phone stayed in my tent for the most part, so pictures are sadly few and far between, but here are a few of the moments i experienced.
big fat gap!
excalibur, my unexpected tent guest
my view for 50% of the weekend
the wood brothers
highlight of shakori: wearing this bear costume.  there was a bubble gun in the pocket that i made ample use of.
 happy shakori!