April 28, 2015


like many of my new favorite quotes, this is from tracks, the story of robyn davidson's trek across the australian desert.  if i've done the math right, she met gladdy in 1975, and although she is specifically referencing the aboriginals in australia, in light of the recent riots in baltimore, this quote seems applicable thirty years later and halfway around the globe.  i was hesitant to share this on facebook because the language is outdated and i didn't want it to be interpreted as patronizing, but here: "there's nothing damn well wrong with the blacks except what the whites do to them."

and the rioters are being told to protest peacefully.  "you can protest, as long as it's not inconvenient to us.  as long as you don't cause too big a stir.  as long as you're quiet about it."  it's silly, that's not the point.  the point is that if you try to shoot an elephant, you might get bulldozed, and that's your own damn fault.  the elephant isn't going to protest peacefully, he's going to knock shit over until something changes.  and while i don't condone violence, the rioters, the protesters, they all have a right to be angry.  and to fix that, something's got to change.