April 1, 2015

these days

 yesterday was an errandy kind of day.  i threw it back to 2007 and drove through the car wash with "hey there delilah" blasting... were you obsessed with sarah dessen too?  did you read just listen?  "told you.  everything sounds better in the car wash."... it's true. 

just to intensify the seventeen-ness of it all, i cashed some babysitting checks and drove home with the windows down.  my mix cd titled "eat your vegetables," distinguishable by the delias-inspired design i had drawn in sharpie, was playing five for fighting and straylight run and bix was in the seat next to me and my sunglasses were on and all was right with the world...

i had bought bix a toy while we were out, that egg-shaped purple thing, and filled it with his dinner.  he's supposed to bat it around so that the kibble falls out one of the holes at either end, but he just didn't get it.  i'd kick it around, and three or four kibble pieces would land on the rug, and he'd eat them and lick the egg and lay down in utter frustration.  we'll see how he's fared today... most likely he's figured out how to get into something much more difficult, but the egg won't have moved.  oh, bixby.

i slept for thirteen hours monday night, it was an accident, a nap gone rogue.  i laid down at 6:30 and didn't wake up until 1am, fell promptly back asleep, the rest is history.  i was supposed to go to the beach this weekend but now we're not...  i went for a run yesterday and pounded out 1.72 miles...  tonight is game of thrones and pasta night - i read a few more chapters of book three last night, and WHOA dude.  the drama just doesn't stop.  i had a tinder but i deleted it.  i went to yoga on sunday.  these little things make up my life right now, and it's no wonder i'm ready for adventure.  hasta luego, vacuuming!  sayonara, utility bills!  ninety-one days, bitches!  and then - peace OUT.