May 14, 2015

no-poo update pt. 2

i gave up.

i've been washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar for the past three months and one day last week my hair felt oily and gross and i just couldn't take it one more second and i finally threw in the towel (get it?) and washed my hair with some $3 suave shampoo and my hair has never felt so clean in my life.  in my life, guys.  it was fluffy and smelled good and took way longer to straighten but that's probably because it wasn't so straw-like when i started.  and i know that i'm murdering my little hair strands one at a time and stripping them of their natural oils and generally being a Very Bad hair owner but my curls are back and i feel like singing.

so: because the reason i did this to even begin with was the trail and the part after the trail and to make the transition to actually no-poo (or any kind of cleaning mechanism besides lake water) easier, but my hair is going to be full of lake water and so it's kinda gonna be gross period.  and this is the first time i have liked my hair without straightening it in three months.  so we're just going to full steam ahead this one and see what my hair decides to do.  i will say that i've been using the tiniest amount of shampoo (low-poo?), which, in theory, is a good and helpful thing and will hopefully be a better way to transition to extremely-rare-poo than what i've been doing.