February 20, 2015

no-poo update

so.  no-poo.  if my hair were bob-length, i think things would be going beautifully.  that part of my hair dries in these lovely glossy waves.  the part below that, not so much.  it's straw-like and staticky as all get out, which isn't a problem i've evvver had before.  i'd just done the baking soda/acv thing on tuesday, so i didn't want to do it again, but i went to the gym last night and got sweaty and wanted to wash my hair with something and i'd seen eggs and honey as alternate recommendations.  so i tried the egg first and it was not a good experience (eggsperience).  it was slimy and gross and i think my water might be too hot because i'm pretty sure when i rinsed it out, little bits of egg got cooked in my hair, and that's just not a thing i'm going for.  so i did the honey, which was fine??  i diluted it with shower water and my hair/scalp doesn't feel dirty.

this is how i feel: you're supposed to hang in there for at least three months for the transition period.  i started on february 7, and while my hair is definitely transitioning, it's not doing the greasy thing i anticipated, which means that i'm putting heat protectant on my hair and straightening it, which probably isn't helping the coarse, straight, damaged feeling after it dries and before i've done anything to it, not to mention i've got some hardcore split ends going on (sorry, dad).  i'm going to keep going full steam ahead, even though my suave keratin shampoo is calling to me from the corner of the shower, and by the time the three months are over, i'll only be a couple months out from embarking on my epic journey, so why stop then?  not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it's probably related: my hair seems to be drying faster than usual.  and i'm hoping, like lots of bloggers have promised, that it'll grow faster too, because mermaid hair.

so that's what's happening in my hair world.

other news: i'm not snowed in at all anymore, i went to mike's gym last night and my legs feel like wet noodles, it was 7 degrees when i woke up this morning, and (spoiler alert) mindy lahiri is pregnant (!!!)