February 23, 2015

february is the worst

the only good thing about february is that it's the shortest month of the year.
in chapel hill, it's when we get hit hardest with winter: right when we decide we're fed up with cold weather and will it just get warm already, BOOM, there's the snow we'd been waiting for back in december when we all felt cheerful and christmasy.  and for half a second, you say HOORAY IT'S SNOWING but as soon as it turns to ice - which it inevitably does - you remember it's not what you wanted at all.
but i am glad it snowed: i went sledding, threw a couple good snowballs, got a couple quiet workdays in, and didn't bust my butt on the ice once.  my mountain blood kicks in for a little and i am not cold and the world is beautiful and we get to dance in the snowbanks.