February 2, 2015

weekend schmeekend

this weekend was a straight up whirlwind, which is conveniently just how i like it.  noodles/barcade, game of thrones and sammiches, neighbor boys party, work catchup, hiking at duke forest, girls' night, yoga, NAP, childcare, supahbowl.  non-stop action.

barcade was cool, as per usual, and of course sandwiches were delicious but i should probably go back and watch that episode of GoT again because a) i talked too much during it and b) double vodka redbull.  i then proceeded to roll up to the neighbors' party with bixby and a bowl of popcorn... bixby was a big hit so i don't think anyone really minded.

spending four hours alone in the office the next day, barefoot and sweatpantsed, was not so bad in reality.  i got a ton of stuff done and played my music out loud and racked up some overtime.  what sucked was coming back two days later, but still, worth it.

kaitlin had texted me asking about hiking and duh i was down, so we drove out to duke forest and did me and bix's normal loop.  he made a doberman friend whose name i believe was aileen and got completely soaked jumping (actually, it was more like getting himself as close to the water as possible and then awkwardly falling) into the river, which was completely smooth and very greeny-blue.

yoga was a new thing, they have it free at southpoint on sundays which is right up my alley.  i'd never been, and of course i was five minutes late, but they hadn't really started when i got there and they made space for me at the front of the room and i yogaed.  and it was hard, and my arms and thighs are extra sore today.  i followed it up with a doughnut and a run (why i thought either of those were good ideas, i do not know) and a nap (which was a fantastic idea).

and then childcare, so i got a baby-filled hour!  and then superbowl, so i got a puppy-filled four hours!!  jp is petsitting this seven-month bulldog, and he is the roundest little bug of a thing.  so soft, so squishy, so pudgy.  we became best friends briefly and then bixby got super jealous when i went home, so i had to remind him that yes, you're my favorite and he finally stopped sniffing my puppy haired jeans. 

also the patriots won.

and then me and sarah had this moment when we were driving separately in our cars and "i don't fuck with you" came on the radio and we simultaneously texted each other only the numbers 102.5, which is the radio station it was playing on, and it was just this cool little bit of #braintwinz magic.

the end and happy monday.