February 11, 2015

i do not.

last night we were watching bachelor, cause that's what we do on tuesdays, and working out very hard (ahem!) and the added bonus was that because sarah no longer works until 9 on tuesdays she could come too so sarah and aileen and i had a nice little girls night watching chris mack on all the girls and the girls talk crap about each other.

and then a thing happened.  a thing on the bachelor.

britt is this gorgeous little angel-human with killer hair who puts on makeup before she goes to bed, just in cases.  she and chris kissed on the verrrrry first night, and he gave her the first impression rose, and i think she's beautiful but maybe kind of uppity and a tad bit whiny and sort of a diva.  anyway, she and carly were talking because everyone else was on a group date, and carly reveals that britt (DUN DUN DUNNNN) doesn't shower.  not like, never, but not like, often either.

and then my heart said SOUL SISTER!! because the closest thing i have ever found to a spirit animal is this pigeon:
i mean i do shower, of course, but that doesn't mean i have to like it.  or do it evvvvvery day.  and now i like britt 4862130498 times more, even though the rest of the bachelorettes seem fairly disgusted.  dirty hippies (but not too dirty, please and thank you) for the win!