December 29, 2014

whoa dawg

christmas is always such a weird time of year.  i'm usually so go-go-go that to have this week-long (if that) break where i don't work and classes aren't in session and lots of my friends are with their families - honestly, i get bored.  so bored.  bix and i spent a lot of quality time together, doing puzzles, watching movies, going to the dog park.  we went on long walks and a solid hike and drove out to redbud for some december swimming (he was less than impressed, we'll have to go back when it's warmer).  christmas eve was spent eating chinese food and watching love actually, which was kind of perfect, and christmas day my dad came over and we ate cinnamon buns and exchanged presents and he had a cold so he didn't stay long, and then i went to dahlia's for christmas dinner.
other than that?  i cleaned out my refrigerator and saw the hobbit with jessi and melanie.  ray and i played boggle and watched the first couple episodes of marco polo.  i did childcare at church.  some of the people i knew in high school (who i'm actually closer to now than i was then to be honest) had a reunion and we laughed in ray's cozy living room and everybody loved my pigs in a blanket and we went to barcade and played pinball and bounced off of each other.  we discussed whether none of us had changed or if being around each other just reverted us to our high school selves.  i finished two puzzles and becoming odyssa and made good progress on game of thrones book three.  i was told my spirit animal was a rabbit, which, ew.  i got so bored i went to the grocery store just for human interaction (and because i had, like, no food, hashtag yolo).  gilbert convinced me to go out blues dancing on friday.  but by saturday i was twitchy and sunday i straight up didn't know what to do with myself because how does anyone cope with no schedule how on earth was i homeschooled how are people possibly introverts so much cabin fever helppppp.
other odds and ends:
  • zach took a million and one pictures at the reunion, that might not be an exaggeration, he discovered the burst feature on his iphone and went around doing group selfies with everyone twice over, so i'm really looking forward to those.  
  • also bangs update: the weather was like bangs?  i'll show you bangs!  and then i swear to goodness got rainier than it's been in months so my hair's been pretty wtf ever since.  
  • OH and btdubs bix's gentle leader has been brilliant and life changing and i took him for a run and he's so controllable and it's not like every one of his problems has melted away but at least i'm not having breakdowns on walks anymore.
i would say now back to our regularly scheduled program but it's really not because we get wednesday and thursday (not friday) off for new year's and then it'll be the weekend and dance doesn't start up until the 5th  (HEY BIRTHDAY!!) and i probably won't be taking pottery so i really need to get into running or something or i'll evidently go batshit.

the end, merry christmas, happy new years, etc!