December 15, 2014

weekend deets, and a picture of bixby wearing a backpack (round two)

oh christmas tree.  this is my short but very chubby dude, all lit up and decorated to the nines.  while i was at work, bixby ate four of the ornaments straight off the tree like apples.  the one he didn't demolish into smithereens had several tooth-sized holes in it.  c'est la vie.
 the road trip queens climbed aboard my trusty hyundai (renamed george, because he is now missing a side mirror - get it?!?) for a 24-hour stint in the mountains.  december 12 was national onesie day and we are not ones to pass up such an opportunity, so we got decked out and ate fettuccine at macaroni grill.  you know what's never a bad choice?  wearing onesies and eating fettuccine at macaroni grill.  they gave us free chocolate cake, and we did not hate it.  not one bit.

in the morning, danielle introduced us to stick boy kitchen.  in turn, we introduced her to ain't gonna pee pee my bed tonight.  fair trade?  unsure.
it was freezing, and we went to blowing rock and swang on the swings and got warm drinks from kojay's and flirted with the fudge boys at kilwin's and stopped in a couple of cute stores to contemplate christmas presents and generally had a lovely blowing rocky time.
wall art.

that's about where the pictures ended for the weekend (oops) but after blowing rock we got takeout from coyote kitchen and went to the graduation.  that was the only time we got to spend with the boys, but i'm glad we at least got to see them some.  danielle picked us back up after the ceremony and we watched harry potter el seis (they watched, i crashed on the couch) and then takeout round two (hoorayyyyy hokkaido!!!!) and three episodes of svu and then sarah and i got in the car and wished we could stay longer and said goodbye to danielle (who is really the most wonderful host) and road trip queened it right back down the mountain with the help of some caffeine, several mix cds, and a pack of sugar wafers.

i spent some quality time in the pottery studio yesterday, i'm finding my niche of what i like to do and it is PLAY WITH GLAZES and also MAKE DESIGNS IN SLIP.  merry christmas errbody, you get a mug with no handle but it's twelve different colors and probably has mountains drawn in it.

and then bix and i got to explore the eno with my new friend will contra!  i brought snacks and will contra led the way (despite bix's best efforts).  it's good to have bixby out on the trail.  i loaded his backpack down with two cans of soup, plus all the snacks and my water bottle, for practice, and he was EXHAUSTED when we got back home but he's such a happy little trail dog.  i've got to keep beefing him up for next summer's adventure.

after we got home, even though i didn't mean to, i took a three and a half ish hour nap and woke up at 9 fairly confused but deadset on cleaning the house.  i mopped the whole living room!  i washed the sheets!  i set off the smoke alarm accidentally sweeping dog hair into the heater!  so all in all the nap didn't turn out so bad...but now i want another one because i didn't actually go to sleep until 1am.

so that was my weekend, start to finish.

au revoir.