December 17, 2014

this cool thing i found

yesterday i was clicking around instagram and found a company that looks really cool.  they're called cotopaxi, and they're one of those organizations that donates back to the world when you purchase something from them (their website lists helping educate a child in peru and providing clean water to a person in india - aight then).  they've got a llama thing going on, which, who doesn't love llamas (some people don't love llamas.  i hear they spit and bite.  but have you ever seen a shaved llama?  hilarious.) but besides their solid mission and llama theme, their gear is just really nice looking.  they got pretty packs.  i am particularly swooning over the volta backpack and the kpong satchel.  think of all the things one could carry!


what i am excited about more than llamas and backpacks is the questival.  i saw it and thought YUP.  i don't even completely understand it but it's a 24-hour competition that sounds like a scavenger hunt but with activities instead of finding things which i am 100% down for and you get to be in a team and my team is obvi gonna be the sarahs and one of the challenge categories is eating?!?  and the others are hiking, service, camping, and social media-ing, all of which we love!  winners are selected by judges based on core values so you don't even have to be like fastest or strongest or anything like that.  they mention scrappiness a lot.  i think we're gonna win.  and even if we don't win, we win, because there's a concert at the end of everything and we get free backpacks which is like a participant medal but way better. 

stay tuned, people.  this is gonna be epic.