December 4, 2014


oh my gosh vizcaya.  this one of my absolute favorite parts of the miami trip.  there was an unplanned afternoon, so i decided to venture out on my own and find out what exactly vizcaya was - i'd always seen the stone archways and wondered what was inside.  and i was not disappointed.  maybe old mansions turned museums are kind of my thing, there's something sacred and mysterious about them but also something that makes me want to run around and have pretend sword fights.  and this particular old mansion was top notch.  right on biscayne bay, art on every ceiling, spiraling staircases, quotes from guests who'd stayed there.  all the cool old stuff you could possibly want, on top of not too crowded and absolutely gorgeous weather.  i wanted to basil e frankweiler it - and oh there could be some GOOD hiding spots - but i refrained.  until next time.

this is a butt.  i'm sure the front of the statue was much more... appropriate (no guarantees though), but the butt was funnier.  the butt and its massive wedgie.

had this delightful mangrove all to myself, except there was probably an alligator back here and i just missed him. 

before i left, some people started setting stuff up.  there was an amp and two wooden structures and a coffee cart and tables and i asked the coffee cart guy what was going on, and he told me someone was getting MARRIED on the steps of vizcaya which was just about the best idea i'd ever heard.  that and these golden chairs.

i took a lot of feet pictures.  no photos allowed (inside anyway) so i had to be stealthy.  plus the floors looked like this - win-win.

this isn't even the main building.  it's not even super near the main building.  it's like... the garden house.  or something.

so there was this chick named leda according to the statues of her and she evidently had a goose boyfriend but it looks like they might have broken up or something.

not a real ship, just a fake ship made of stone to have outdoor parties on, in sort of a gatsby way.

derpiest lion ever.

just, you know, the office.

overall the orchidarium was underwhelming, but on an individual basis the flowers were nice.

the pool!

that's all folks!