December 10, 2014

update on the bix

this rascal.  he woke me up at 6:30 whining and whining and whining and when i finally dragged myself out of bed to walk him, he didn't pee until we were half a mile from home.

last night i brought him outside and he barked at/jumped on the boy neighbors.  he LOVES the boy neighbors.  they love him.  (i love everybody.)  i don't know what his deal is.

it's been a week since we started doing the alpha walks - me in front, him strictly behind or beside me.  and i see improvement, especially when i make him wear his coat or his backpack full of beans.  we go long stretches now where he doesn't pull at all, which is an incredible change.  the other day we crossed a street and i caught him looking up at me, watching to see where i would go, and my heart melted.  squirrels are still a challenge for him, and other dogs, and mornings are worse than afternoons because apparently i accidentally wound up with a morning dog (help), but he's been really good around people, including joggers which is a HUGE deal.  he forgets a lot, but i do see him trying.  trying to navigate what i want and what he wants and where he fits in our pack of two.

i hope this works.  i hope we can get to the point where he looks up to me and i can snuggle him and nobody pulls on the leash ever, because i think that is when we will both be happiest.  and he'll be the perfect little shiny (albeit talkative) yellow dog i came home with back in july.