January 28, 2015

yesterday was hard.  it was hard for no reason in particular, but added all up it was just straight crummy.

my work to-do list was running over into a second column, mostly with meetings to schedule, which is probably my least favorite thing that i do.  i screwed up my personal calendar twice, and there just isn't time for everything, and now i can't do all that i want to do (#fomoqueen).  bixby wasn't cooperating on our run.  an old lady yelled at me at the dog park.  my left tonsil hurt (bless you, little right tonsil).  and then my landlord texted me to say that he was showing my house tomorrow which meant i would have to clean it and then one of my favorite bachelorettes got voted off and then i had to go home and be all by myself and it was just too much and i sat on the floor and ugly cried for a little bit.  bix got confused and put his stocking in my lap and then changed his mind and took it back because he wanted to play with it and we both just sat on the floor for a good few minutes until i decided that i had to get up at some point because i couldn't very well sleep there.  so i put all my shoes away and vacuumed and worked on my puzzle and did the dishes (ahem- some of them) and practiced some hulu yoga.

and then i felt better.

i believe there is something in muscling through.  i believe that you can make yourself feel better by clenching your teeth and cleaning the house, but i also believe that it is 100% worthwhile to plonk down with your back against the front door and cry it out.  so i did.  and i do. 

that release is nice, you know?