January 20, 2015

all my love to camelot

in college i had a crew.  the kind of crew they make movies about.  think sisterhood of the traveling pants (or better yet, think golden girls).  freshman and sophomore years the four of us lived in the same nerd dorm, me and erika in room 205, sarah and lauren three doors down from that, and later we all lived together in our weird old apartment we lovingly called camelot - making us the camelot girls. 

we spent a lot of time stressing over homework, eating chocolate, and binge-watching tv shows (including but not limited to: law & order svu, gilmore girls, friends, boy meets world, gossip girl, etc etc ad nauseum).  we always knew - and know now more than ever - how lucky we were to have a group of friends that felt like family, that felt like home.

sarah and i obvs live close enough to hang out at least weekly now, but erika is near dc and lauren is even farther, up in pennsylvania, so we can't just run down the hall or up the stairs anymore, we have to plan our reunions months in advance.  and thankfully thankfully thankfully we were able to have one this past weekend.

...these are our stories.  *DUN DUN*
the weekend included but was not limited to:
  • sammiches in occoquan (world's cutest town)
  • "are you high clarice?" and other gems from the wine & pie store dude
  • takeout asian food
  • cards against humanity x2, and also anomia (i suck)
  • the hundred-foot journey, silver linings playbook
  • sunday school crafts with kindergarteners
  • spanish tapas
  • CHOCOLATE TOUR OF GEORGETOWN (best best best yum)
  • lots of time with millie and floyd and obviously daniel
it was everything i needed and not long enough, and now i'm stuck counting down the days until april or may, whenever it happens again.  all all all of my love to camelot.