January 29, 2015


 my sweet boy.  (i say that, and yet last night he snapped at me because i rested my hand on his head in the dark and ignored him when he gurgle-growled about it.  i said "get the fuck off the bed" and he sulked into his crate all embarrassed and ashamed until i let him out right before i fell asleep and we snuggled the rest of the night.)


sweet(ish) bix,

you have no idea what's coming.  you aren't expecting any of the adventures we're going to have, but one day we're going to get in the car and instead of the dog park we'll be at the airport.

i've decided to forgo the english-teaching bit of the plan for now, and spend time in chile or argentina picking strawberries on a dog-friendly farm instead.  and maybe skip the au pairing too, because bix might just make that too complicated.  so it'll be hiking in north carolina, olives in greece, strawberries in south america, and sailing in maine.  whoa, dudes.  brace yourselves.

it's five months, bixbo.  five quick months, and we're off.