January 6, 2015


guess how old i am!

(hint: it's twenty-five)

it happened yesterday at 1:43 a.m. in barcade.  i took the day off work, and although it was mostly a chill kind of day, i'm happy to report that this happened:

other highlights include
  • getting to see emma (best dog ever, right up there with bixby and hendrix and jack and all the other dogs i've ever met, but me and emma have a special bond.  she loooooves me and i love her right back.)
  • elmosa! and other delicious things at elmo's with sarah.  and then hart of dixie because duh.
  • lunch at tru, which is the most delightful cozy sandwich place i've ever known.  lotsa avocados.  pesto!  blackberry pear cider.  honor systems.  couches.
  • nappin.  cause that's all i do these days, any time i get the chance.  bixby and i are champion nappers.
  • ballet class!  how else do you round out the first day of being twenty-five?  it's ballet class.
i made a whole list of things i'm going to do daily and weekly and honestly most of it is about cleaning my house because yikes dishes but some are like "write in your journal every day!" and "stretch!" and "go for two runs a week!" and i like to think of them as resolutions for being twenty-five.  twenty-five is an adult kind of year.  not nearly as much as twenty-six, and don't even get me started on twenty-seven (enter panic laughter) but twenty-five is a good time to get your life in order.  and also go on adventures, because that will be the second half of the year.

twenty-five is gonna be so much better than twenty-four.  i can feel it in my (old, so old) bones.