January 8, 2015

tiny boring update

last night i was going to be productive and go for a run and clean the house (although i do give myself points for washing the dishes) and pick up super late christmas presents and then it was super cold and my poor little terrifying furnace thing just isn't up to snuff so my house was pretty chilly and instead i just snuggled up with a bowl of rice and beans and sweet potatoes and watched game of thrones and then i went to bed early.

then when i woke up this morning i checked the temperature and when my phone said 10 degrees i said NOPE and rolled over and went back to sleep and what i learned from that is how to be late to work.

all i have to say is thank goodness for the fleece lined leggings i found on the discount shelves at harris teeter.

also i've decided to start doing yoga.  ohmmmmm.