January 9, 2015

namaste y'all

last night was the inaugural meeting of the yoga-videos-in-my-living-room club.  i was the only attendee, which was okay because i got to pick which yoga video we did and also because i hadn't told anyone else about it.  bix got locked in his crate with a peanut butter-filled kong and i don't think he was one bit mad about it.

the video i chose was for anxiety, which translates to inversions, which translates to putting your head on the floor.  and actually, it was really nice.  my brain still goes a million miles a minute, and when we were supposed to be thinking about our heart centers, i was thinking about couscous and contra dancing and the dog we'd seen at the dog park and and and but that's what yoga's for, right?  that and about a million other healing things.  but the time passed surprisingly quickly, and it was a simple yoga video so i could do everything but not for beginner beginners, and it didn't include any dang sun salutations (i don't know why i dislike sun salutations so much but UGH).  

all in all, i'd say the first meeting of the yoga-videos-in-my-living-room club (which i'm calling namaste popcorn until a better name comes along) was a success.  ohm, indeed.