June 27, 2014


oh, summer!  it's picking up, it's picking up so fast now that we've hit the solstice, it's a concert here and a pool there and this weekend i'm going to boone and next weekend is the 4th (hooray america!) and the next weekend i'll be in miami and the NEXT weekend the rugby team is playing a tournament in asheville and you bet your boots i will be there for that.

last night there was an impromptu cookout at brian and emerald's - they are the best hosts and they really seem to love doing it - but it'll be the last one for a while since somebody's grandfather is moving in with them, plus it was a goodbye party for chuck and rhey.  murphy showed up, and someone suggested we go get his dog and i needed NO encouraging, his dog is the coolest little slobber muffin boxer badass.  there were kabobs and garlic bread and salad and cookies and strawberitas and good company and dogs, and i was happy happy happy.  we caught fireflies in our hands.

when i move - i can do that kind of thing.  i don't have a grill, but i'll have a yard big enough for people to come over, and maybe just enough space in the living room for ten or twelve people to hang out, and (hopefully) a dog of my own.  my bitty house will have get togethers, like a real adult.

i read a list of baby names someone had made, and one of the suggestions was harbor.  i love it.  i love it so much.  it's a strong name, a safe place, unusual without being strange, and it comes with sailing imagery.  works for a boy or a girl.  i don't like the idea of lifting something like that, i wish i'd come up with it myself, but it's such a good name.  so good.

everything is so good.