June 9, 2014



big dreams about my new space and new life.  dreams about a dog, dreams about organization, dreams about cozy and happy and mine.  dreams about what i'll cook in that kitchen.  or why i'll laugh until i cry on the living room floor.  dreams about what dreams i'll have in the bedroom.

the apartment i moved to after graduating college was - nice.  it was a very typical post-college apartment, and i liked it, and it was on a bus route, and there was more than enough space for me.  but i remember laying in the middle of the living room floor before i had anything of mine in it and crying because it didn't feel like home.  after 18 months, i was not sad to leave.

the house i'm in now, i love.  i love the hardwood floors and the marble countertops and the yellow walls.  and i like having roommates - i like having someone to come home and complain to, or to call if i lock myself out, and the giant mounted tv doesn't hurt anything either, but after living on my own it's been different to have roommates again.  and i'm looking forward to the freedom of solo living.

it sounds silly, but almost more than anything, i can't wait to decorate.  i was too shy and then it was too late to hang anything in our living room, so my current bedroom is bursting with things hung on the walls and tucked under the dresser and into the closet for safekeeping, but now i'll get to spread them throughout the house, and i am so excited.

i'm excited for the new things i'll bring too, things that will make this space different from any space i've lived in before.  things that are not shades of blue, things that explode with colors and patterns.  i've begun moving my things into storage, and it sucks, moving never doesn't suck, but there's an air of excitement to it as well.  my house.  my walls.  my kitchen.  my life.  a new start, a new opportunity to make something beautiful, and beautifully mine.

ps the website that the kitchen photo links to is so full of incredible spaces and faraway places and it just makes me want to swoon.