June 11, 2014


sometimes this guy is the snuggliest little lovebug there ever was and sometimes i want to permanently shut him in a box.  he tried to go after a great dane the other day, idiot, it could swallow him in one go, and now my legs have a thin stripe of leashburn across the back and it burns when i sweat or swim or shower.  luna isn't any better, last night she was deadset on going through the building - i don't know if it was the storm or what, but she was heading north all else be damned - and she's their alarm system whenever another dog is in eyesight.  they can be severely not fun to walk.

but when i come in the door and luna bounds up and gives me a big adoring look and jumps up to gently rest her paws on my knees and maybe give me a kiss and jack wakes up all cuddly and sleepy-eyed and moves in closer when i sit next to him, that's when i love those puppies.  and when they fall asleep on their sides with their backs pressed up against each other?  heart bubbles to kalamazoo.  they make me nuts sometimes, but they're always worth it.