June 17, 2014


overtime is great, but working graduation saturday morning made my weekend feel so. short.  the boy and i had a quiet friday - not even half a contra for me and then GoT while he played skyrim (time out for a sec - game of thrones is SO GOOD.  i am totally a bandwagon fan, but i'm reading the first book before i watch any of the series, and i already know a million spoilers, but LAWD i am into it.  it is a heck of a commitment, and i can't breeze through it like i can other long books - i'm looking at you, harry potter - but when i'm not reading it i want to be reading it and i love the character-by-character chapter format and everyone is just so well detailed and interesting and you either hate them or they're way cool or you can't decide which but it's definitely one of the two and that's my plug for the book, if you are also about 2/3s of the way through the first book and would like to discuss BY ALL MEANS let me know cause whoa).

ANYWAY, saturday i got up early early to help with graduation, 75% of the time i had a baby in my arms and she was the most darling, sweetest lil baby i ever did meet with the most ridiculously pink outfit ever.  then sarah and i met up for grossly bright pedicures and then we went to nordstrom rack and bought matching maxi dresses (heyo!).  theeeen to brian and emerald's for a cookout, and we got there at the same exact time as the boy, and then wade showed up with his lady friend and she was a huge hit with me and sarah - loves harry potter and tracy chapman, has a dog, etc.  there can be this weird kind of competition between the rugby girlfriends sometimes (maybe it's all in my head, it's just a vibe i get) but she was so laid back and fun to talk to.

the boy and i did our usual bars saturday, brunch sunday deal, and we actually stayed in bed long enough to get real brunch at milltown, which was yum, obviously.  i took the looooongest nap - 4 1/2 hours! - and then moved some boxes and met up with ryan for 22 jump street.  somehow that same tired bromance story line is done really well, and channing tatum and jonah hill play off of each other perfectly, and the soundtrack was on point.

good weekend, fun weekend, too short weekend.  from here on out it's going to be packing moving packing moving all. da. time.  which sucks but it's also exciting and whatnot.  i'll make sure there's time for fun in there too.