June 24, 2014

cat's cradle

bombadil last saturday - they played my favorite favorite song by them, cold runway, the first time i've heard it live, even though i've seen them what, five times?  losing count now.  it's so funny to see these guys standing up there, i've been to their house, i saw a movie with a couple of them, daniel goofball danced with me, stuart and i visited the lemur place in durham.  and then they're the main act at cat's cradle - macklemore played here last year, neutral milk hotel played recently, death cab has played in the past - it's not entirely a small town stage.  and they're so good!  and so fun!  i haven't been to very many concerts recently, and i need to change that.  getting caught up in the music and the crowd and the lights and the energy is one of the closest things to magic i experience.