July 3, 2014

moving: the before

yes, i have mentioned moving a bajillion times (and have thought about it a bajillion more times).  and monday, it happened!  a crew got together and schlepped all my things from one house to another house .8 miles down the road.  i'm head over heels excited to organize and decorate.  i planned to do a before and after post, but i'm going to jump the gun and go ahead and post the befores.

the living room!  i adore the natural light and plan to play it up with white curtains.  also, the hardwood floors are totally swoon-worthy.  i'm thinking of getting a little bistro set to put under the window, since i almost never have more than one person over for dinner at a time, but i'm not sure if that would be adorable and cafe-like, or just "why do you have patio furniture in your living room."  i'll figure something out.

the kitchen is the room i was most apprehensive about, but it's proved itself not too bad.  it's still tiiiiny, and almost all of the storage space is shelving, so everything - all the food and dishes - are out in the open and have to look pretty, which heck, may help me keep it cleaner.  i've actually unpacked most of the kitchen stuff (priorities, amiright?) and it looks a lot better already.  note to self: buy stove burner pans, they are the easiest/cheapest/only (??) way to makeover an oven.

the bathroom turned out to be my actual least favorite room, good job kitchen.  it also has next to no storage, just a couple of shelves and the medicine cabinet (discovered this morning).  the wooden toilet seat also kinda weird me out.  the worst part is that it's an older bathroom, so it has mildew where i don't want mildew (aka anywhere), so imma attack it with bleach before i do anything else.  the unexpected bonus is that when i shower at night, i can see the power plant through the trees, and it makes me feel like i'm in the iron giant.

the pink walls in the bedroom were initially a big whoa ew, but i think they're growing on me.  the lighting is wonderful, the floors are wonderful, the door that leads to the porch is wonderful.  the walls are going to be covered with art hopefully (my dance project girl with the wild magazine hair needs a home).  my bed is in it, and i like to be in my bed, so making this room an ideal place to be is a priority.

best for last - the screened in porch.  the problem with porches is that i'm an idiot and forget to use them, but with this one being right off the bedroom and all, i foresee a good number of cocktails being consumed out here.  my only plans right now are to throw up fairy lights everywhere and put some sort of chair or bench against the wall - there isn't room for much more than that.  but i think it'll be totally lovely.

the excitement doesn't end here - i have a whole lot of boxes to unpack and a long list of things to add to my little forest cottage to make it as charming as i can.  hopefully that'll all happen soon soon soon, and then there will be photos aplenty.