July 22, 2014

erika weekend! or, what the fuck is a norva

the ideal thing to do is probably drop everything and drive four and a half hours to northern virginia so you can spend the weekend with your college roommate and her husband.  highlights included everything: babysitting a toddler, watching penelope, going to the dog park, drinking lime-a-ritas, getting dinner and drinks at madigan's, visiting the humane society, shopping at national harbor.  perfect, perfect.  we fell a little lot bit in love with an american bulldog named kimbo who was the biggest saddest sweetheart ever.  he would lean up against the fence so he could be petted through the chain link.  i was THISCLOSE to taking him home, but ya know, speedy decisions, long distances, another dog on my want-to-adopt list, yikes.  the baby learned to say our names (or close enough anyway) and he was this perfect little angel boy until his siblings got home.  we ate sandwiches like we'd never had one before - the one at potbelly's was to die for, and i splurged calorically and besides the sub i got sour cream and onion chips AND an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie AND a frozen raspberry lemonade.  yolo, am i right?

anyway.  point is, i am so incredibly lucky to have this girl (and dude, what's up daniel!) who opens up her home for me and plans the best possible weekend after finding out i'm coming just a day in advance.  appalachian state was a wonderful place to go to college for so many reasons, but i think the most valuable thing that came out of it was the friends i made, and erika is top notch, one of the best.