August 8, 2014

I GOT A DOG!!!!!!

his name is bixby, often bix, and he is the best little lovebug i could have asked for.  he came from the local shelter, an owner surrender that's all trained up and good to go, lucky me! 

we're still figuring each other out - what he has to do to get treats, how much food he needs to fill out those skinny ribs, when he's allowed on the bed, how to keep him from barking at harmless joggers - but i am so head over heels for this dude.  he LOVES walks, LOVES his toys, LOVES babies, LOVES LOVES LOVES.  he has some of the best manners, staying by my side on the leash, taking treats gently from my hand, sitting before we go inside or outside.  we walk ALL THE TIME (i think i covered about six miles yesterday) but if he doesn't get enough outdoor time he goes nuts, barking and whining.  he's the most talkative dog i've ever met.  he'll whine, bark, ruff, yap, even howl a little bit to try to get his meaning across.  yesterday i left him outside weaver street with a group of guys so i could grab a loco pop, and they said he was perfectly well behaved, but when he saw me come back his did the happiest bark (and of course, wouldn't shut up).  when we walk he'll sometimes look up at me and smile like i'm the best thing he's ever laid eyes on.

today is his first vet appointment, with me anyway, and i'm hoping they give us the go ahead to jog and hit the dog park and go to the lake because this dude has so many adventures in front of him he doesn't even KNOW.  he's changed everything, and sort of nothing, because i can still go out and see friends and have a wonderful time, there's just a dog around a lot more.  he is a huge time commitment, and part of my brain is constantly dedicated to worrying about him unless he's right next to me, but i am so, so happy he is my dog and that i am his human.